Friday, May 18, 2012

The Circle of Life

Supergirl: You are a teenager.

Me: Thanks. But, no. I'm not. I'm really not.

Supergirl: But, you're not a grown-up like the other moms. You wear sneakers and t-shirts. You laugh a lot and sit on the floor. Plus, you don't sexorcise.

Me: Accessorize? No, I don't, but I am not a teenager. 

Supergirl: Don't worry momma, I don't think other people know. The Scare Bear and Aunt JoDene are teenagers too. Just like you and Daddy.

Me:  People don't know because I am not a teenager. Also, the Scare Bear, Aunt JoDene, and Daddy are not teenagers either. And it's not bad to be a teenager, just not a teenager with a 4 year old. How old am I?

Supergirl: Thir-TEEN-five.

Me: Thirty-five? Right. I am thirty-five. Not a teenager. 

Supergirl: The man on the news this morning said I am not going to granulate.

Me: Graduate? Why won't you graduate?

Supergirl: Because my parents are teenagers.

I was a teenager once. In the '90s. It was a confusing time.

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