Friday, May 11, 2012

Tweet, Tweet Party People

When I started Kindergarten I refused to capitalize my name. Ever. The little boy that sat next to me (his name was Sean) would reach over and add the line to my "h" all day, everyday to make it a capital. It started in preschool, when the teacher declared that a capital makes something important.

But I didn't feel important...

                                              and didn't think I deserved the capital.

Which may be part of the reason that I have never really understood Twitter.

When I signed up for it a few years ago, and saw what it was, I questioned whether I was really important enough to have these "Followers". I could see how it could be useful for celebrities ("Heading to Dallas, May 8 - Buy your tickets now"), or companies ("Use this code for a special discount"), for churches ("Don't forget, Sunday service is gonna be JUMPING"), and even authors ("@annericestalker214 yes, my inspiration for Lestat was...").

But who am I to be that important? 

What do I have to offer that would excite people enough to wanna follow my minute movements through this world?

My Twitter account just sat out there for nearly two years, rejected, abandoned, and ignored. I would log in every once in a while, or follow a company to win a contest or something stupid like that, but it just did not have a place in my life.

In September, I wrote two blog posts. The first one got a little bit of attention and was featured on Blogher, but no one was really tweeting about it and within days everything was back to normal. The second one was tweeted, and re-tweeted, and then (amazingly) a friend direct tweeted my own blog post back to me (not realizing that I was the author, of course). 

Suddenly, I was faced with this world of Twitter again - but, what to do with it, how to use it, am I really that important? Finding that the answer again was no, I abandoned it yet again in the interest of perfecting my Facebook stalking skills.

Recently, I have begun to tenuously test the waters. I RSVP'd for and attended a Twitter party. I won a door prize. I made some new friends over conversation about Nightmare on Elm Street and Johnny Depp and bad gifts. It was fast and furious but so much fun.

So then I got to thinking..

Maybe a tweet here and there isn't really hurting anyone or making me feel conceited, maybe followers aren't like minions, maybe...
                                     I am important enough to have people read my 140 characters.

It's taken a long time to get to this place.

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