Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinky Dinky Stinky Eye

Supergirl wakes up in the middle of the night. "The red, glowing eyes are looking at me momma.They are always watching." I shrug it off as a little girl's bad dream and go about my daily life.

The red eyes complaints keep coming. Then, one night I am laying in her bed snuggled down next to her talking softly about how much I love her and how awesome she is. My eyes start to close and I look up at the ceiling.


My own eyes spring open and stop blurring. I look up to the ceiling and see the red light of the smoke detector. I sigh. Get the batteries and change the light from red to green.

Problem solved. I am an awesome momma.

When Supergirl got out of the pool on Saturday, I looked at her and thought, Hmmm, that eye looks a bit pink. There must be a lot of chlorine in that pool. Even though she has never had an issue with chlorine before.

That night I kept looking at it. One eye pink, the other eye clear. Not so pink to suspect anything other than chlorine, though, so we continued about our day.

I prepared my lesson for Sunday school, she sat beside me cutting things with her scissors, telling me she was making gifts for her friends at church. We ate tacos and she went to bed at a good bedtime.

But when she woke up at midnight complaining that her eye hurt it was lot more red than pink.

And at six, it was downright disgusting. I texted the kids' pastor. I sent messages to the parents of all of the children that Supergirl has been in contact with. I apologized.

And then Supergirl went to look at herself in the mirror.


And then she refused to let me take her to the doctor, because she thought it SO cool that she had these scary red eyes.

I am glad that she is 4, I don't have to listen when she refuses. Doctor confirms pink eye after she holds her hands over her face so that he cannot look into her eyes. And she renames him from Doctor D to Monster D.

We did have a good day yesterday though, as strange as that may sound. The only place we had to go was the doctor and the pharmacy. She was just sick enough to want to cuddle and be sweet, not whiny and clingy. And I got to spend a semi-relaxing day with my girl before working the 64 hours I am scheduled to work this week.

Thank you, God, for pink eye.

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