Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unbridled Crazy

It's time now to release the full amount of crazy that I have kept in check in my head for many many moons out into the world (much to the Scare Bear's delight).

I have a thing about 10s and 7s. I was born on October 7 or 10/7. Every major event in my life happened on a 10 or a 7. Here are some examples:

  • The Supergirl was born on 12/17/07. 17= 10+7 (easy right). Here comes the crazy. 1+2+1+7=10 and 07. She was born on 10s and 7s. Awesome!
  • The Hubs was born on 7/3/79. Check it, 7th month and in the 70s - but that is not where my crazy ends. Oh, no, it could never be that easy. Here is what my mind has done to his birthday. 7+3=10 and 7+9 =16, which is 1+6 and equals (you guessed it!) 7. He was born on 10s and 7s too! 
  • My brothers' birthdays are a 10 and a 7 respectively, although you have to do some special math to get them there. 3/17 and 1/8 that would be (3*1)+7=10 and 8-1 = 7.
  • My father died on 10s and 7s or specifically, 2/14/2008. That one is pretty easy, 2+1+4 = 7 and 2+8 = 10. 

My mind does this for every important day in my life. I cannot make it stop.

And sometimes it makes me crazy.

But today, today, is special and it is going to be a great day, because today is one of those rare days that is both 10 and 7. (5*2=10 and 5+2=7)

And, if nothing else, it has to be better than yesterday.

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