Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knowing My Brain, I Wonder What Is In Hers

I had a pretty big imagination when I was a little kid which leads me to wonder what the Supergirl thinks about things.

In Preschool, I believed that tulips were really "two-lips", one day as we were walking down the street I pointed a tulip that had 3 points out to mother. "Look mommy, it's a 3-lip".

In Kindergarten, I truly believed that I was a figment of someone's dream, that when they woke up I would cease to exist. I would work hard to find the balance of not being too loud or too scary, but also not being too boring or ever falling asleep because I was afraid to disappear. I might still believe this a little.

I also believed my best friend when she told me I was adopted. And believed it for a really long time.

That's me in Kindergarten. Not that much different from now. 
In First Grade, I believed that my family never smiled. I thought it was a curse and that we would never ever be happy. I am glad that I was wrong.

When I was 7, we lived in a trailer park in Alabama. A church van would come and get the kids and take them to church. My parents called this brainwashing. I really believed that my friends were going to have their brains cut out, scrubbed clean, and replaced ever Sunday morning. When they would get back I would ask if it hurt and they would look at me like I was insane.

When I was 8, I had never seen a black person except in books and on television. My parents had told me that I should not believe everything I saw on TV or in books, so I though that black people were not real. I am very sorry that the little black boy (who eventually became one of my best friends) was subjected to the pinching that I did on the first day of Third Grade, I really thought I was imagining him.

I also decided that the song Material Girl was actually Cheerio Girl and I would sing my ode to Cheerios everywhere I went.

Now that Supergirl's imagination is in full-gear, I wonder what she dreams up, what makes sense in her mind. I hear the lyrics that she makes up to songs, but I wonder if there are other things that she just hasn't shared with us.

I can't wait to hear her beliefs someday, maybe it will tell me a bit more about who she was, and who she will be one day.

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