Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reconciling Mommy Guilt

I am working two jobs these days. 13-14 hour long days.

Yes, I still have a kid in that mix as well. I tried to reconcile it to myself by recognizing that Supergirl got a lot of my time last summer, time that other kids with working parents don't get. She also got unadulterated Daddy time that a lot of other kids don't get. In fact, in the last year since she dropped out of school, she has had a lot  more one-on-one parent time than any of us really anticipated.

These days are hard, but won't be hard for long and in the meantime, Supergirl is getting a vacation from her parental units.

She may also be getting spoiled due to Mommy Guilt, but a little bit of spoiled is okay, right?

Here is what I imagine her journal writings say. Please keep in mind that she is not really able to read or write yet, so she just writes random letters on pieces of paper and leaves them throughout the house.

Dear Diary,

These people keep harping on me about putting my shoes on. I wish that they understood that I have so much bigger things to work on. 

Once the husband drops me off at Cinderella's house, she and I are going to work on finishing up the robot that we have been working on. World domination is close at hand! I cannot wait to hold these tiny humans in my gigantic metal grasp and show them the errors of their ways. 

Cinderella wants to name the robot, Fluffy. Sometimes she can be such a child. 

I have finally been able to find a reputable dealer of liquid anger. He's six, but seems to understand the urgency of the potion making. He may be allowed to live once the planet submits to my control. We will see, Diary, we will see. 

An interesting thing happened the other evening, the wife figured out what the red eyes were in my jail cell. Somehow, she was able to transfer them to me. she may have magic to teach after all. We shall see in the coming weeks, won't we?

I met some new additions to the Overtaking last weekend. I think they well do wonderfully well, as long as they can keep up the charade and not let the captors know what it is that we are working on. The "father" would not allow us to go outside or eat ice cream, I am wondering what his agenda is. He seemed to take this captor role a lot more seriously than the others. Bah. He will be just as easy to subdue though. Cute seems to be an all-adult weakness. 

The Zombie Army testing hit a roadblock in Miami this weekend. We will have to make some changes and then send out the next group of prototypes. I am hearing that some sub-units of computer geeks are chattering about it on the internets. Adults are so simple. Do they not know that THE WAY to communicate with your brethren and not get caught is through telepathy? 

Anyway, Diary, that is all there is to report. 

I think it is safe to say that we should all be quite afraid. 

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