Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Off Kilter

I am typically a frugal momma. I enjoy finding great deals, using coupons, sales circulars and deals to make sure that I get the price possible. In this economy and with the past financial difficulties that we have had to weather, it doesn't make sense not to.

This past Christmas was one of the largest Christmases that we had as a family and, yet, I only spent about $150 all total on everyone due to the online deals, free shipping and coupons, gift cards and sales that I hoarded over beginning in October.

For our anniversary, I planned from March until October to make sure that we would be able to get away for an entire 4 day weekend and not have to worry about the cost: free Disney tickets, room rental at $13 per night, gas cards bought with incentive through the grocery store. Our getaway cost us a total of around $125 dollars including lodging, food and traveling expenses.

But there is something about tax season.

Having a larger than normal surplus of cash on hand makes me a little more loosey-goosey than usual. There are purchases and bills that I plan for, of course, but then there is the surplus. I know that the surplus should be squirreled away for the inevitable rainy day or invested in something that would give us hope for retirement, but instead I find myself making the impulse buys that I wouldn't normally indulge in. I find myself suddenly in "want" for things, when I normally do not have a want in sight.

Now that the surplus has been squandered, I find myself in an endless cycle of guilt. I shouldn't have done this or that, blah, blah, blah, would've, could've, whatever.

Instead of kicking myself again this year, I just need to get back on the balance beam of frugality, reinvest my interest into the couponing, bargaining and sales flyers, and make sure that I get us back on track.

Which is very often easier said than done. I will keep you posted.

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