Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is Coming!

Struggling to break through the dirt, but they are growing!
It's dreary outside and the sky has been grey for a couple of days now. The warm weather that I had been celebrating has drifted away on the huge gusts of wind that have been blowing through town.

Spring is coming.

I can feel it in my bones, in my skin, in my hair. I am excited by the tiny pea sprouts that are lining up in my garden and the even smaller broccoli and cucumber shoots struggling to push through the dirt.

Spring is coming.

I adore Spring. The promise of a better tomorrow, of a glorious summer wakes me with the sunrise each morning. I am thinking of going to the beach this weekend. The dream of breathing in the cool salt air and walking along the edge of the Gulf, is pushing me through this very dull week.

I feel like I go through a hibernation each winter. I am slower, more off my game than usual, kind of grumpy and unusually agitated.

I am fine for Thanksgiving and great for Christmas, but, in the months following the holidays my mood drops. Everything feels gray and drab, I hate that it can look like that for days and never rain. It seems pointless to me. I struggle to get myself out of the bed each morning. My body aches more than usual. I feel like gravity is heavier than normal.

But Spring is coming.

And with it warmth, sunshine, fun foods and activities. In this moment, before the hummingbird size mosquitoes start feeding on every being that they can find, I can find joy in the smallest, most insignificant detail.

The bright sun shining on cool mornings reminds me that everything on Earth is as alive as I am, that each thing is being reborn in a glorious fashion. There is a promise there that I can be reborn as well, as a more organized, more energetic and happier person.

Spring is coming.

And I can't wait!

I am thinking of taking Z and B to the park on Friday and arming them with cameras. I would like to see Spring from their unique viewpoints and share the joy of Spring with them as well.

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