Monday, October 3, 2011

The 6 Minute Nap

Z has stopped taking naps. It's something I started when I lost my job and something that we would like to continue as long as possible. It leads to early and easier bedtimes.

Except on Mondays.

You see, I try to not take her anywhere after 4 PM as riding in the car usually leads to short naps that wreak havoc upon bedtime. And on Mondays, she has a dance class. At 5:30.

Today, after I got off from work, I picked her up after dance class and we drove home.

We chatted about our day and all of the cool things she and her dad did during the day. And then she stopped responding.

A check of the rearview mirror affirmed my fears. She was asleep.

Those 6 minutes of sleep lead to a recharging of her system that kept her awake for 3 hours past her usual bedtime. It kept me from being able to do the things that I needed to do tonight.

And now, I have a million things to do (pack up the cat so he can be neutered tomorrow, iron and lay out my clothes for in the morning, work on a project for my part-time job).

It's a good thing that tomorrow is still part of my learning curve and should be a light day. I will be going in with no sleep.

Too bad that 6 minutes won't help me out like that.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you find the time and energy to get done everything you need to tomorrow :D


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