Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have finished the Sleeping Beauty costume. A fitting tonight proves that all is right in the world and I am done.

I have finished Red Riding Hood's cape and Dorothy's dress.

I am finally done with the month long costume creation that has addled my brain for the last few weeks.


Except that I still do not have a costume for Saturday night's Halloween party, or for the Hubs to wear trick or treating because obviously he should get a bag full of candy if the 3 year old gets one. And obviously it is my responsibility to make said costume a reality. (Much like last year's Cat in the Hat fiasco when the hubs announced at 1 PM that he would need a costume by the time he left for work at 4:30 PM. Oh, and that he would be requiring a tail.)

I read yesterday that moms aren't making Halloween costumes for their kids anymore (or at least 81% percent of moms aren't). Well, that's great. Now my kid is gonna feel like the poor kid whose mom makes costumes for her rather than shlepping her down to some store to buy a cheaply made, expensively priced piece of crap that is really only good the first time you wear it.

As I discussed in yesterday's post, my kid has roughly 8,362 events during the month of October, over half of which require some kind of costume. She also likes to wear costumes everyday, everywhere. She wore a Water Bender costume for 23 of the 31 days of December 2010, including to sleep in. I had to buy a second, just to convince her to allow me to wash the first one.

I am happy that other moms can afford to spend the little bit of money they have in the world to outfit them with costumes. My kid is gonna wear stuff that I make.

When I was a kid, it was up to us to figure out what we were gonna be for Halloween. It was the one time of the year that nothing was off limits - my mom's black wrap skirt made a perfect cape for a vampire one year, the next year it was the perfect skirt for a gypsy princess, feetie pajamas turned my brother from an adorable three year to a super cuddly Care Bear (complete with a paper rainbow safety pinned to his belly and a yarn poof for the ears and tail), cardboard boxes, aluminum foil - you name it we have used it.

Next year for Halloween, why not letting your kids figure out what they want to be? Let them have a hand in crafting it and making it a reality? It might be messy, it might keep you up late - but they may just surprise you.

And I guess, I will let the husband make his own as well.

Next year, that is.

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