Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was inspired many times this weekend.

I love October - aside from being my birthaversary month, it is also the time of year where Florida is more than tolerable, where there are tons of fun, free things to do with the family and when inspiration simply seems to ooze out of the ground.

I was inspired to write a book today by the message at church. It was everything I could do not to start writing dialogue on my hand and arms while the pastor spoke (why do I never have paper and pen handy when I need it?). I am super excited about this possibility as well as the idea in general.

Halloween is my ultimate inspiration, however, and I have already started on Z's costume as well as some commissioned work that I have been asked to do. The skirt for that is finished as well as Z's cape.

Any guesses on what she wants to be?
Finally, I was inspired to start my annual "bake-every-weekend" fall habit, so I have started making a list of goodies that Z and I will be whipping up in the kitchen over the next few months. I am ready to fire up the oven for another season and am ready to try some great new things this year.

If you have a fantastically delicious treat that you think I should try, direct me to your recipes!

MaƱana, dear readers! (and yes, I totally had to look that up)

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