Monday, October 24, 2011

Satin, Satin, Everywhere

I had vowed on Facebook last year to never make another Halloween costume using satin. It's impossible to work with and for the last two years in my house it has caused crying, temper tantrums and heartache. For me.

Z at one. Rainbow Brite was all the rage in our house. I crocheted the stockings and arm bands.
That was the easiest part of that costume. I used a fabric stabilizer on the fabric (it still didn't help).
Really it is just cheap satin that annoys me so greatly. Sold by the yard at Walmart and Joanne's, it shreds with the slightest touch, it's crazy thin so it slides all over the sewing machine, and the remnants of tiny, shiny threads are left for months following a Halloween costume making frenzy.

And every year, I seem to forget these little truths and forge ahead with princess costumes.

Snow White was so excited that her costume was finally finished that she passed out. 
This year should have been different, except that a friend commissioned me to make her daughter's Sleeping Beauty costume. I was so proud that I ignored the alarms of "SATIN, SATIN" going off in my head.

If you only knew the tattered remnants that were left after a hard night of trick or treating. 

I am happy to say that I am done. Done. If I try it on the girl and it still does not fit, we will have to come up with another solution, I cannot take another day in satin hell.

Z is Red Riding Hood/Dorothy. Her outfit is made of broadcloth. It's fairly basic. It went together so nicely (save the inside out sleeves, but those have been corrected). I have spent so many hours working on outfits for the two of them, that I have not had time to even create an idea for myself or make the adult size cape that my husband requested.

Needless to say, there will be no more princesses, fairies, Rainbow Brites or sprites. If it is shiny and sparkles - some other kid is wearing it.

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