Sunday, October 23, 2011

Watch Out - I Got Vitamins!

I have been very tired lately.

Two jobs.

A child that doesn't sleep.

Cakes and costumes blowing away any self confidence I ever owned.

It just takes a lot out of a momma.

And so I sleep. A lot.

In fact, I can barely keep my eyes open anymore.

Everybody says take iron, B12, a multi-vitamin, but I am a momma and everyone else's needs go before mine.

Until today.

Today, I bought some vitamins and if any of the claims are true, I will be a superhero in the near future.

Boosts Mental Awareness!

Promotes Breast Health (yes!)!

Stronger Bones!

Extra Energy!

I don't know what they put in these vitamins or what kind of radioactivity I am setting myself up for, but dude, it sounds like a healthy crystal meth or a legal phen/phen and I am all about it.

I need to have someone invent Momma Vitamins.

X-Ray Vision!

Extra Emergency Arms!

Run Faster!

Jump Higher!

I guess I need to work on my own cape now - momma's gonna be a superhero in no time.

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