Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Party Animal

When looking at this month's calendar, I was pretty excited to see that I had a few important things to do this month. A concert with friends, my birthaversary, and a big charity event. I was really excited and I felt super popular.

And, of course, it gets to be ruined.

My kid has so many invites to birthday parties, picnics, Halloween parties, festivals, etc. that it is running me ragged. And, me being who I am, cannot resist the urge to make and bake and create something for every little thing she has. I make aprons for 4 year olds, cakes for parties, costumes and on and on.

Her social calendar is starting to look reminiscent of a college student. She easily has 4 times the amount of things in the next week or so to look forward to than I had for the whole month of October. It all seems a bit ridiculous.

All of her friends birthdays are between now and April 1.

We haven't even reached winter yet, and I am sitting here plotting what I will be able to do in April with all of my free time.

Are your preschoolers overextended? Maybe we let them party to much.

Although, if faced with the alternative, I think I would prefer for them to get partied out now than wait until High School or College like I did.

I do hope that the attitude adjusts so that she will be able to attend all of these soirees. She is teetering on the edge of losing a few events.

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