Monday, June 18, 2012

I Got Conned - Again

I don't know how or when the Supergirl sees infomercials. We have one TV in the whole house. It streams Netflix almost exclusively. We do not have cable or satellite. And yet, if you walk down the "As Seen On TV" aisle at the Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond - she will know exactly what those products are.

"Momma, the Genie Bra is the most comfortable bra you will ever wear. You will love not having the straps fall off your shoulders and your boobies will be so perky"

"Ooooh Momma, look, it's the Ped-Egg! Wouldn't it be great if your feet were soft again like mine instead of rough and scaly"

"MOMMA! The No-No makes you NEVER have to shave your legs again! This could really work for you, Momma! And if you ever grow a mustache, the No-No will take care of that for you too! We could even use it on Daddy!"

And so began my downfall to the lure of Slushy-Freaking-Magic

You see, the marketers and makers of Slushy Magic, they know what they are doing when they send out these commercials showing children shaking and making their very own slushies quickly and easily.  Since watching this commercial, my daughter has been in hot pursuit of the life changing opportunity that Slushy Magic could obviously provide. 

"Momma, when I get a Slushy Magic, I can make slushies for all of my friends. We could have slushy parties, and I can even make you and daddy slushies for breakfast."

Fortunately, we had not seen a Slushy Magic in a store anywhere and have been able to steer the conversation away from the slushy making possibilities.

Until this weekend.

Supergirl and I were out shopping for the Hubs' Father's Day gift when the display caught her eye. I felt her body shift and in the amount of time it took for me to realize what had drawn her attention, she was gone in a flurry of young couples and moms shopping for kids going away to camp. When she grabbed that box, I knew that there was NO chance that I would be able to wrestle that from her grasp and be able to make our purchases with any semblance of peace.

I had two choices.

Put the box back along with all other purchases and attempt to get her outside before the meltdown began.


Buy the damn thing.

So I bought it. Yes, I am totally ashamed of myself.

When we got home, we opened "the kit" which consists of a cup, 3 silicone bags filled with fluid, a lid with a hole in the top, and a straw with a spoon at the end. We put the silicone bags in the freezer and waited.

5 hours later, they were still not frozen completely solid, but we decided to give a shot. In went the "cubes" (the silicon bags), in when the freshly made pink lemonade.

And shake. Shake, shake, shake.

And shake. Shake, shake, shake.

For over 3 minutes.

Supergirl got some really cold lemonade, but there was nothing "slushy" about it. The cubes had completely defrosted so we couldn't try it on any anything else for the night, since they needed to freeze again.

Yesterday morning, we got up, Supergirl asked for another slushy, so we tried it again. In went the cubes, in went the now cold lemonade and after shaking for nearly two minutes, we had about 4 oz. of slushy.

4 ounces.

Wanna know how fast a 4 and half year old can go through 4 ounces of slushy? Faster than it took to make it, I can tell you that much.

The problem is that after you have made the 4 ounces of slushy, the cubes are completely defrosted and have returned to their liquid state (every time) which means that there are no slushies for anyone else, just one extremely pushy 4 year old. If you have more than one kid, you have to have more than one of these things.

Apparently, Slushy Magic lost it's magic for the Supergirl and she has wanted nothing to do with it since yesterday. That's good since my triceps are still burning for the first two.

I just have to wonder if those two slushies were worth the $7.50 each that they cost me.

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