Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If Only I Had Known...

In light of the incredible vision that motherhood has given me, I would like to address this post to my mother.

Dear Mommy,

I am SO, SO, SO very sorry. I am sorry for every whine when you would try to brush my hair. I am sorry for every time I spit out something that you had made for me to eat. I am sorry for any public meltdowns that you may have had to endure (although, obviously, I DO not remember EVER acting that way, really, that could totally have been my sister, your memory might be slipping...)

I am sorry for every time I ever said that I didn't love you, I know now how heart-turning and gut-wrenching it is to hear your child say these words. I am so sorry. I am sorry for that time in Kindergarten that I told my friends that my mother had popcorn teeth. I really had no idea what I was saying then.

I am sorry for all of the slammed doors and sass. I am sorry if I ever physically hurt you. (Again, I don't think that that could have been me, but, just in case).

I am sorry that I was not more appreciative of your "squishy belly", gray hairs,  and stretch marks. I am sorry for every time that I tried to point them out (to friends and strangers). 

I know now. Oh, boy, do I know. And I could never be anymore sorry.  

Love you,

The mother of your 4-year-old granddaughter

So much attitude in such a little package

1 comment:

  1. LOL. Amazing the perspective you gain from having small {WAY TOO HONEST} children.

    My 6 y/o has told me every day this week that my legs are chubby.... and I'm pretty sure I *might* have said the same thing {or something similar} to my mom. NOW I feel guilty about it.


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