Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Love of Mowing

Sewing dresses, crocheting baby blankets and hats, doing laundry, or dishes all take time, patience, diligence and perseverance to ensure that they are completed the way that they should be.

Mowing is different. It's instant, it's quick. It's exercise with a purpose (God knows how much I hate to exercise). I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from looking back across what I have already mowed and seeing the straight lines and evenly cut blades of grass. 

It makes me happy. It also takes a lot of stress away when I am doing something manual, something physical.

This year, between the two jobs and everything else that has been going on the lawnmower died. Since our old mower died last year, I was determined to not buy a new mower. The grass kept getting higher and higher, and I was beginning to think that it might not even get cut this year. 

Finally, on Father's Day, I diagnosed the problem, went to the auto parts place that I work at and bought everything that it would take to make the mower run again. (The Hubs actually got it running again, because he likes to try to tinker with things like that and I needed to cook lunch.)

After lunch, I was on it. Mowing, swigging my water like a BOSS, throwing branches across the yard like I was some kind of 1980s wrestling champ and getting it DONE. 

I felt the stick poke my leg. Twice. I didn't think anything of it to be honest, it was a random stick.

Or poison ivy disguised to look like a stick!

Apparently, after last year's battle of the itchies, I am REALLY allergic to it now and by this past Sunday, my leg had become infected and I had a rash crawling up both of my legs. I cannot shave, so I am very self-conscious of showing you the grossness of my leg. (I can't shave because my reasoning of last year is so incredibly wrong, shaving will only make poison ivy worse - not better like I may have thought) I sent pictures to Houston, to my mother, who told me to go to Urgent Care. 

The Supergirl and I packed into the car and drove to the Urgent Care clinic that was about to close. The doctor looked at me and said, "You have a husband, maybe you shouldn't mow."

And that made me want to mow my grass more than I have ever wanted to mow in my life. 

Also, I have an infection, 1 antibiotic and 3 steroids and I STILL ITCH - I am not even sure that seeing the doctor was worth it. 

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