Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Artists Way Toolkit - A Review

This month, as part of the BlogHer Book Club, I was given exclusive access to the My Artists Way Toolkit, a website dedicated to bringing out your innermost artist. 

From the website:
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron has motivated millions of aspiring and professional artists around the world to discover and recover their creative selves. Now some of the most powerful practices from The Artist's Way have been adapted to create MyArtist's Way Toolkit, an interactive experience that will allow you to:

UNBLOCK yourself with powerful Artist's Way exercises
TRACE your creative process in your own personal Artist's Way Creativity Notebook
RECEIVE Daily Inspirations, Affirmations, and Artist's Date ideas from Julia
Includes an Artist's Way App feature so you can take your creativity with you - wherever you go!
Based on the novel of the same title, the My Artist's Way Toolkit is built much like an online private journal.

You can click on the Creative Affirmation card and read an inspirational quote. I really liked doing the affirmations first thing in the morning, when I was still trying to get my juices flowing. The creative Soundbites were a little touchy, feely for me, but I could think of quite a few people that would really enjoy them - they just weren't my particular style.

I like the idea that you can create a creative cluster (under the Community header), with other like minded artists, although I was not sure if that was a free feature for  everyone in the group, or if it was something that each member would have to pay for.

I loved to do the various exercises that you can see on the second and third tabs. They really gave me inspiration to write and dig deeper into why I write.

Admittedly, I was aware of of Julia Cameron's recommendations that you should write 3 handwritten journal pages every morning to get your juices flowing before you do anything else with your day. Unfortunately, mornings are not good for me (and I am sure every other mother on the planet). Once I switched my morning pages to the after-lunch pages, I did much better and have really been able to see a difference in my writing over the last few weeks.

I have enjoyed using the My Artist's Way Toolkit and will continue to use it over the next few weeks. I am not certain that I will purchase an extension to the membership however, as it is a bit pricey and I feel that I have gotten all of the use out of it that I can.

I’ll be discussing this book with the BlogHer Book Club over the next four weeks. Come join me.

This is a paid review for the BlogHer Book Club, as always the opinions expressed are my own.

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