Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Is The Beginning...

Supergirl is officially 4 and half now (I kinda make a big deal out of that because her birthday is so close to Christmas and Christmas mucks up the whole darn thing - although, thank you, Jesus for being born, you are really important to my whole being, so I really do appreciate you, I just hate that my kid gets kinda shortchanged in this deal). This morning, I took the morning off to take her to the doctor as well as some other important daughter-centered activities.

At the doctor's office, the girl climbed up on the table and down OVER and OVER. For a pediatrician's office, I was rather dismayed at the lack of books, activities or ANYTHING colorful to help distract the girl. We may have the most boring pediatrician on the planet. Also, there are no suckers or lollipops for kids at this doctor's office. They had stickers but that didn't go over very well.

Surprise, surprise - guess who needed shots at way-too-early o'clock this morning?

As I was holding her down on the table and she was screaming in my face, I couldn't help but think that she totally deserves the shots after the attitude that she has been flaunting around the last few weeks.

I forgot how good shots can feel when you are a parent.

She asked for a sucker and they told her they didn't have any, they offered her a sticker and she yelled, "That is not enough for what you have done to ME!" and stormed out of the office.

Then I took her to the preschool she will be starting in the fall to fill out paperwork and let her tour the facility before she headed to camp for the day.

How can it be 4 and half has happened already? Wasn't she just born? Wasn't she just a baby a minute ago? Where did the time go?

August 13, 2012 - My baby will be starting preschool.

This is the beginning, and I am so scared of this new world...

In May of 2008, the beginning of the attitude.

And in March of 2012, she finally grew into those cheeks. 

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  1. Wow What a Pretty Girl. What a Beautiful smile she has. I love her smile. so sweet baby.


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