Monday, November 28, 2011

...And Then Life Interupts

I have giant bags of great intentions.

I want to lose weight. I freeze half full bottles of water because I hate room temperature water. I freeze them solid, then add water so I have super cold water all the time. Except that I don't ever add the water or take them out of the freezer. They just sit in there, frozen solid, waiting for me, taunting me. Instead I continue to drink Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew that is tainted with the flavors of guilt, shame and gluttony. It doesn't taste very good anymore.

I want to exercise more. I buy a Zumba game and enjoy it. And then prime time television catches my eye and it gets late. I get lazy. I haven't even turned on the game in weeks.

I want to finally start grocery shopping on a weekly rather than daily basis. I clip coupons, I make lists. I realize we have no money and that too falls by the wayside.

I want to get my house in order and organized before the kid's birthday and Christmas take it over. I would like for Santa to not have to trip and stumble his way into the house but be able to move freely about the premises. I desperately need to rake the leaves on the west side of the driveway. Two days a week of chores by one person cannot cut through the mess of 2 people 50 hours a week that do not pick up after themselves. Or even seem to notice the issue.

I want to grow my blog and it's readership. I join NaBloPoMo. I blog everyday for a month and half. And then I just stop. For no reason. And then I feel like a loser because every time I think of the blog, I realize it has been another week, a few more days that it has just been out here floundering in the sea of the internets. And I am ignoring it too.

I have so much on my plate, so much that I have obligated myself to do, that the entirety of it all seems so very monumental and I am not sure where I should even begin.

I need to gather some momentum, some motivation to give me some follow through. Do they sell that somewhere on Cyber Monday?

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