Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling Back and A Shorter Week

I read an article the other day that said that if you were born during so-called "Standard Time" that your natural rhythm, your biological clock is haywire during Daylight Savings Time. And vice versa.

I believe that.

I have felt off balance for almost a month now, and although I was blaming it on returning to work, two jobs, the child that never sleeps and being sick, I think it was really because we weren't Falling Back when we were supposed to. The way we have for the last 34 years of my life.

I am not sure why it is still called "Standard Time" if it is now shorter than the Savings Time. How about we just Spring Forward a half hour and leave it that way, instead of jumping around all the time. Let's just split the difference.

Anyway, I love this time of the year. I get up at my old time. I can do things in the quiet before anyone starts stirring. I can read or crochet or just sit and watch the news.

This weekend is a 3 day weekend. I will be home if anyone needs me. I am not attending parades, festivals, birthday parties or any of the other revelry that you throw my way. My house needs me. A lot.

And I am going to clean and organize and make more rules to be broken. It's gonna be so great. I am extremely excited that I will soon have 72 uninterrupted hours to scour my counters, scrub my floors, dust my ceiling fans and brush out the toilets.

I may even get to the refrigerator.

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  1. There is definitely something to be said for some good old cleaning time at home with no outside plans. Sounds blissful to me!

    Perhaps this time change/natural rhythm theory explains why my son was all messed up with his sleep cycles when he was born, but as soon as we turned the clocks back something seemed to click for him and he began sleeping at night.


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