Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Man...

When the older of my two younger brothers was very little, he had a man that lived in his stomach. When his stomach would growl, he would tell us that the man was hungry. When we made something that he didn't like, he would tell us that the man was angry.

And when he was sick, he would tell us that that man was attacking him from the inside.


"Z, why do you insist on licking me ALL of the time?"

She smiles and looks at me. "The man that lives on my tongue likes the way you taste."

"The man that lives on your tongue? Tell me about him."

"He's a black man, and he wears black clothes. He has a little house and he drives a little car on my teeth. He has a boat for when I drink so that he does not get swallowed. He likes to eat hair."

"But you know that you cannot eat hair", I remind  her. 

"Yes, I know. That's why I lick. He can get the hair and I don't get in trouble. He told me to do it."

Hmmm...I hope that this stage is over soon. 

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