Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sick Zone

I hate this time of year.

Actually, that's technically not true. I love that it is not so hot out that I can't breathe. And that there are so many seasonably wonderful things to bake that won't make me feel like the house is on fire. And that there are so many free and fun things to do with the kiddo.

But, for me, when the seasons change, my nose gets a bit stuffy, the throat gets sticky sore and everyone you meet happens to be sick.

Because then I get sick. And with all the pressures of the season to do everything and be everywhere - sick is just not a good place to be.

I have been eating my multi-vitamins and drinking water, and it seemed as though I was almost getting one over on the bug germs this year. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, as I sat at my desk I could feel my head getting heavier and heavier. I felt my nose closing as I typed, my throat becoming more raw with every call I answered. By lunch, I knew that I needed medicine. By 5, I knew I needed a bed.

And then the Hubs brought me Z. Sound asleep. She slept until we got to the grocery store. She insisted that I must have chicken soup for dinner, since I was sick. "I will just eat candy.", she said.

I should have listened to her.

By the time we finally made it home, my body was aching, my head pounding. I made dinner (a chicken pot pie, mmmm...I wish I could have tasted it) and finally settled down to watch the Wednesday night line up. Unfortunately, my ears being too clogged and my kid being too loud just made everything too bright, too much.

I smuggled the kid into my bed with the promise of a fort (I knew with a two hour nap from 5-7 there was no way in Hell she was gonna go to sleep at 9:20). I built a fort on the bed with extra pillows, blankets and sheets. I handed her a flashlight and a stack of books that I had stashed in my closet. I told her she could not leave the bed, even if Mommy fell asleep, because I really needed her to take care of me.

And I went to sleep. She brushed my hair, she rubbed my back, she sang songs about how much she loved me. She did not leave the bed.

What do you do when you are sick and your kid is not? How would you handle it if your significant other was not around?


  1. So far, it's all my kids that have been sick, I hate this time of year for that reason!

    When I'm sick, I have to suck it up, because usually I have no choice than to still take care of things!

  2. She is sooo sweet. I hope you're feeling better. I'd make you dinner if we lived closer :)

    My husband is only home about four days a month. It's so hard when everyone gets sick because my kids just pass it to each other. When I'm really, really sick and my kids aren't, I usually call my mom or mother-in-law. I can only do so much with no sleep after days of helping sick kids and then getting it myself :)


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