Friday, November 4, 2011

The First Haircut

All of Z's friends have been getting their hair cut for sometime now. She used to be opposed to the idea, but lately she has been begging for a haircut. Last night, I finally relented. I called up Grandma, who scoffed at the idea and the remarked, "Well, it's just hair. I guess it will grow back."

I will never win. Never, ever win with that one. 

Just to give you an idea of where we were starting from, a gratuitous picture of the kid.

She had her hair shampooed. She hasn't had shampoo on her head in 3 years because everything I have tried dries out so bad. 

She had her hair blown dry. Again, something that I have not done because her hair is so very dry. Plus, the workings of a blow dryer elude me. I wonder about my girl status sometimes. 

Once it was cut, the hairdresser straightened it so we could see the girl with her hair straight for the very first time. 

It's funny how bad we want things to be different than what we were born with. She loves her hair straight. She was bouncing around, throwing her hair back and forth, standing in front of random strangers stroking her hair saying things like, "Isn't my hair pretty? I just got a haircut." (Totally doing that next time I get my hair cut!)

She looks so grown up, not at all like the curly headed baby that I took in there. I haven't seen it curly yet to see how short it really is. I know that she took about 4 inches off when it was straight, I don't know how short it will be once it curls back up. 

I am hoping for Shirley Temple curls. 

Z would be elated.

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