Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Cobbled Path

I love the Scare Bear.

I have told you before how she is such a great friend and kind of a goofball. And I have eluded to her problem with a recent illness.

Today, she has an appointment to finally be cured of the evil that has been dwelling inside of her. What is it? An alien? Another child? A parasitic worm?


It is a stone. A stone that she made in her kidney and I think she should get to keep since she has spent the last three weeks trying to labor and will and puke and pee that sucker out. But alas, it had to be removed by a doctor because it would not come out on it's own.

And so they keep it, because they are the ones that got it out. Phooey.

She made it, she labored it. It's not going to provide the cure for cancer or breathe or be a medical breakthrough. It is a stone. A kidney stone.

I personally think she should get it made into jewelry, a nice bracelet or necklace. Something pretty out of all of this mess.

Today, when she mentioned the need for a pep talk, I gave her jokes. I am not sure how to give a pep talk and should probably never be involved with the sick and ailing people of the world again. She said I was killing her. So much for my career in comedy to invalids...

I have named her stone George. Because everyone in her family is named George.

Goodbye, George. You will not be missed.

But, hey, friend? I do miss you...

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