Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's All About Perception

Z and I stopped at a convenience store on the way home tonight. She said she was thirsty so I bought her a drink.

Gorilla Grape.

Z: Momma, this is so good. 

Me: Really? What's it taste like?

Z: Gorillas and grapes.

Me: (a little be startled by this response) Oh, yeah? What do gorillas taste like?

Z: Like fur.

Me:  (puzzled) What does fur taste like?

Z: (looking exasperated and rolling her eyes, a huge sigh escapes her lips before she responds) Like peaches.

From what I can come up with, peaches are fuzzy and therefore taste "furry". Since Z has no concept of what furry would taste like (unless she has been licking the cat or biting the bear) she would assume that it would taste like peaches.

It's fun to try to guess how her mind is working and to see how broad and ingenious her imagination is. It's also really cool to have conversations with her (most of the time) when she is not whining, begging or screaming. Those are the days that I know I am gonna keep her around.


  1. Cute! I found you on BlogHer NaBloPOMo :-) Following you as well via GFC!

  2. That is adorable! I love her reaction to your question, like DUH!! Ha! It totally makes sense when you explain the fuzzy peaches (like gorillas- yah!).

  3. Hilarious!! I have the best backseat conversations with my best friends 3 year old. The things she tells me and her conversations with her toys... priceless. She always leaves me with a puzzled look at the end of our car rides lol.


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