Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Favorite

Taken from Filmbalaya

Z and I love fairy tales.

I can't tell you how many stories I have made up or derivations of princess/hero/knights in shining armor that we have seen.

When ABC introduced amongst it's Fall line-up a show called Once Upon a Time, we were anxious for the premiere.

And it was good. So good.

Now we are completely caught in this series, she asks me everyday if she can watch her "Fairy Tale" show and last night, since the Hubs had off, we watched a marathon of all four episodes back to back.

It is enchanting and brilliantly written. There are some holes that I do hope to have filled in at some point. Like why, if time has been standing still in this town for 28 years, there are children that do seem to age? Shouldn't the children also be frozen in time? And, why, if Prince Charming has been in a coma in the hospital for 28 years, no one has noticed that this guy is not aging (or even growing facial hair)?

I am writing to implore you to watch this show. And get your friends to watch this show. And call your parents and have them watch the show.

There is some weighty dialogue and adult issues in the show, but since it is on at 8 PM on Sunday nights and made by Disney, I feel that it is family appropriate. There are some dark and scary scenes, but the classic Disney movies seem to scare Z more than this show has.

I just don't want to invest myself into another show that I love and have it get canceled. It's disappointing. What happened to shows that could last for 10+ years and still be good?


  1. We haven't had TV since march, but if we did this would certainly be one I'd want to watch!!

    Mel xo

  2. I forgot this was on! (Am I the only person who misses the TV Guide coming in Saturday's mail? I'd spend all afternoon reading the descriptions and circling the Must See's.)

  3. I used to LOVE TV Guide! Seriously, I would read the Cheers & Jeers and all of the articles. I was great at the crosswords, too. I would go through and make up the TV schedule for the week for the whole family based on the descriptions and whether or not there was reruns.

    What happened to TV Guide?


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