Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Quiet Weekend at Home

I am so funny.

When I say things like, "I am going to stay home all weekend and clean", I truly mean it in my heart. Until I am locked up with a screaming wild banshee that spends most of her time at home.

It's all a game really. Like a relay race that can never be won. You take your kid hither and yon in attempts to tire them out so that you can have a bit of peace and quiet.

It would be easier to trim a cheetah's toenails or floss a lion's teeth than it is to clean a house with a stir crazy 3 year old in it. No matter how much I attempt to include her, make her feel like she is helping, the stark reality is she is just there to undo every attempt that I make.

Clean the playroom? A joke! Just an excuse to pull out every impossibly small toy ever given to her and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! Laundry? No, that's an excuse to play dress up in the clothes that I just folded neatly. Scrubbing toilets? Ha, ha, that looked really fun! If that brush worked to clean them then OBVIOUSLY my hairbrush will work to clean them even better.

The Hubs? That guy? He stayed securely parked on the blipping couch all day until he had to leave for work. He tried not to snore too loudly.

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