Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Pole Saw

Thank you, friend, for moving the pole saw on my porch.

You are not my husband but I love you.

No longer must I worry that quickly moving, clumsy feet will trip over said pole saw.

Or that some small child will impale themselves upon it's blade.

No longer must I fret that the gasoline will ignite from the heat of the sun and burst into flames.

Or that I will awaken to the sounds of a frightened and injured animal that has fallen across the chain in a hurry to get off of our porch.

You have taken away yet another worry from my mind.

And you are so very appreciated.

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1 comment:

  1. What on earth is a pole saw? And why was it on your porch? And what's with the gasoline needed for a pole saw? (It's at times like these that I realize I have so much to learn in life.) But I get your feeling. I felt that way about a feed bucket full of oil that was sitting in the garage. Can you say DROWNING HAZARD? All I kept getting was "the baby's NOT gonna fall into a bucket of oil" and I was all - it has 8" sides - of COURSE he can toddle to it, fall in, and drown. JUST GET RID OF IT! Why must Mamas be the only ones that see a safety hazard?


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