Thursday, June 23, 2011

And I Will Call Him George

It seems like only a few days ago that I was extolling the virtues of a pet-free household.

Ah, those were the days.

On Monday, I brought JoDene's dog home with us as they were going  out of town on vacation. His name is Rocky and he is awesome. He barely barks, plays nicely with Z, is tiny enough to pick up and sleeps a lot. I like him and both Z and I wish that we could keep him.

I think one of the reasons that we like him so much is that someday he will go home.

Also on Monday, an orange cat showed up laying in the grass of my front yard. Every time he would hear someone coming outside, he would cry and meow, but I knew that the last thing that we needed was another animal in the house.

Finally, yesterday, I caved and fed the poor skinny crying kitty. He was skittish and seemed like he wanted nothing to do with a human.

Now that I have fed him, the damn presumptuous cat thinks that we are best friends. He rubs on my legs when I walk outside, he scratches the back door and cries all night long. I had to race him into the door of the house yesterday because he honestly thought that he lives here.

I named him Orange George.

Farmer Brown's chickens seemed to have moved to our house as well and can be seen night and day pecking at the yard and talking to each other with a cluck there and cluck, cluck everywhere.

I am not feeding them.

Birds kinda freak me out.

In 3 days it seems like we have built quite the menagerie. So much for the land of the anti-pet.

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  1. HA! Well, that was quick! When do you start charging for your petting zoo?

  2. I feel the same way about my litter box free, poop free, pet hair free house for once. But I still want a kitty so much!


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