Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scare Bear to the Rescue!

Life hands you a family. People that, whether you like them or not, you have to love them. When you grow up, become an adult, you begin to form your own family. People that care about you, love you and support you, people that will stand with you when times get tough.

My family includes the Hubs and Z, but there is also the Scare Bear, JoDene, Blade and A. No matter what happens to me in life, I know that they will be there for me, helping to dust me off, pick myself back up, and helping to focus me on what I need to do.

It's funny, the Scare Bear proclaims herself to panic in the face of adversity, but this week - when I have needed sanity more than ever in my life - she has been managing my life for me. It's amazing really.

On Friday, I picked up our kids from daycare, bought an inflatable pool (I win!) and was letting the kids splash around when she arrived. She cooked dinner, got the kids to tidy and decorate the playroom and then had Blade lead me, eyes closed through the house to my very first ever retirement party (apparently, there are no Happy "You Got Laid Off" Banners at the party store). We picnicked on the floor of the playroom, laughing and hanging out with the kids.

Yesterday, as I pulled into the yard from my next-to-the-last-day of work, she pulled in behind me and took Z for dinner and fun with her family. They didn't come home until almost 10, allowing me to have alone time with my husband, a nap in the early evening as it drizzled rain outside, dinner that I didn't have to cook, un-animated TV shows.

Even though Z returned screaming that she didn't want to come home, that she wanted to stay with Scare Bear, that she didn't love me - I am so grateful for the amazing gift from my awesome friend.

I am so, so blessed that I got a second chance at a great family - it makes this whole process just a little easier, just a little better.

And right now, it's all that I need.

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  1. I wish I had this....god bless you both.


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