Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ya'll are gonna love this.

The other day while I was cooking dinner, I heard Z in her room using her super high-pitched, sugary sweet "Mommy" voice. I was certain that she was in there with her "babies" changing diapers or taking off all of their clothes.  (Seriously, why am I the only one that ever dresses the babies? Are we doomed to live in the land of the nude doll?)

I was not prepared for what I walked in on.

I hope you are ready for this (and for those of you with pee issues - get prepared).

Poor sweet, little Rocky!
Rocky went home last night. We are sad, but adjusting.

We really don't need pets.

Meet George.
I wish George had a home to go to.

I really wish he would go home.

But I feel so sorry for him that I keep feeding him.

I guess he is home.

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