Monday, June 20, 2011

At Least It's Not a Poodle

I failed at Father's Day.

I had no cards, no special gift.

But at least it's not a poodle.

Z has been adamant the last few weeks that the one and only gift that the Hubs would want for Father's Day is a poodle. She couldn't be more wrong.

Even though I grew up with pets and love the sweet smell of puppy breath or the soft gentle purr of a kitten, I have been enjoying this period of the anti-pet. I love that I can be out of the house all day and not have to worry about messes that need to be cleaned, items that may have gotten torn up or chewed, ticks and fleas that are not invading my home.

I adore not having a pet right now (besides the 3 year old monster leaves a big enough mess for me to deal with).

Yesterday, as we had lunch and perused the local mall, anything that we considered purchasing became "Not A Poodle".

So, while I failed at Father's Day - at least it was not a poodle!

Perhaps it was a success after all.

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  1. We have three dogs and two cats, which I am the one that has to clean up after :) I dont blame you for not wanting more pets! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great week!

  2. Lol! No poodle? I consider it a definite success!

  3. We have a dog named Gizmo and at times I wish we were pet free. It would be nice to not have to find a pet sitter when we go out of town and not worry about him waking up Jake when he's napping because someone walked by our house.

    Ahh to be pet free. Lucky.

  4. @KimBerly
    We had a dog named Gizmo (after the Gremlins movie) when I was a kid - small world!


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