Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Skeleton in My Closet

There is a skeleton in my closet, something that we just don't talk about around here. Or maybe we should call it a carcass in my refrigerator.

I don't mind folding clothes day in or day out, or loading and unloading the dishwasher, I don't even mind cleaning and organizing Z's playroom and bedroom. Cleaning toilets - not an issue.

But, I put off the cleaning of the refrigerator for as long as I possibly can.

I run from refrigerator cleaning responsibilities at every possible moment. Sign ups for a cleaning crews at work or even at church have been avoided to escape the possible chance that I may have to clean any other refrigerator.

Food containers pile on food containers, leftovers take over every nook, every cranny until you cannot possibly add one more thing to the fridge. Unidentifiable produce lays in a putrid juice waiting to spill on the cleaner, spores of possible penicilin await to spew into a new world. One raw piece of chicken tossed in a freezer bag with the best of intentions is now adding it's deadly flavor to everything it can. Cups of yogurt, past their expiration date, are ready to burst at the slightest touch. Cartons of milk that are nearly empty are waiting with their horrifying contents to ensure that I do not come out of this unscathed.

It's like a warzone in there.

I wish that there was a cleaning fairy that would come magically and take care of it for me so that I don't have to deal with the shame, the smells and the extra dishes.

Due to the cleaning fits of energy that I have been in engaging in as of late, my trashcan is now  overfilled, so today after cleaning the refrigerator I will have to drive it to the nearest dump. Which means that I will have to double bag everything and keep the windows down in the car so as not to gag on the drive.

I can do this, I CAN do this.

If there is no post tomorrow - you will know that I have been killed by something in my closet...er...fridge...

What is your least favorite household chore? What have you been known to do to avoid having to do it?

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  1. Hi,

    New follower from Bloggy Moms!

    Frig is yucky for me too, but cleaning the potty tops my list - YUCKY!

    Follow me back at www.insightfulmommy.com and twitter @insightfulmommy

    Many thanks!

  2. I've been known to toss a hunk of meat in the fridge to thaw... only to have it bleed all over the shelves and down to the floor of the fridge. I'll get the caked on meat blood cleaned up from the shelves within a day or two (or three)... but the bottom of the fridge? Let's not go there.

  3. I want a cleaning fairy too--where do I sign up LOL!

    I hate vacuuming. If I die and go to Hell, I'll be vacuuming for eternity. Forget other forms of torture, that's the worst.

  4. Oh, ew. I see you've since posted so you survived, but I so get you. My fridge needs a major overhaul as far as cleaning goes. HUGE. As does much of my house, but - well - you can only do so much, right?


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