Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Giant Bathtub?

I probably should have talked to the Hubs before we got married. I mean, I thought I knew him after 11 years of dating, but, perhaps we should have actually talked about childhood and our ideas for our children.

We clearly have different expectations for our child and these differences are vast.

The Hubs grew up in the city parks. His mother has worked for the City Park & Rec department since he was a year old. She went to school to major in Park Administration. It is her life's passion and a great mission for the children of our community.

The Hubs always had constant and consistent access to playgrounds, pools, swings and game rooms.

I lived a decidedly different childhood where the majority of my time was spent in our backyard. The city pool costs money and my family didn't have much to spare.

To the Hubs, backyard swing sets, playgrounds and wading pools are kinda trashy (apparently the bleeping pole saw that has been laying on my porch for almost a year or the two spare tires - that are not even for our cars - laying in the yard are not trashy).

We do not live close to a park. There are no sidewalks in our area. It is an ordeal to pack up juices and waters, snacks and a change of clothes to drive the 15 minutes to a park that my kid may play in for an hour or two. If we had a play area or a wading pool at home, she could play for hours - HOURS (I might be able to read, or crochet, or tan)!

My concern for the wading pool is that it would become a giant bathtub for our great big bear or other creatures. It's the only reason that I have not sprinted down to the closest Wal-Mart (I know, I know) on our 103 degree days (seriously, if it is 103 on the first of June, what is this summer going to be like?).

No one really drives by unless they live out here - is it really about not looking trashy?

I want my kid to have a backyard oasis. I want her to know that it is cool and fun to go outside and play. Right now, other than digging in the sand and gathering rocks, there is really nothing for her to do. The sprinkler is not as much fun in the heat of summer as it was in the warmth of the spring.

The first summer of the sprinkler - why, oh why, do they grow so fast?
What do you think? Will our little pool be a giant bathtub or a trashy, mosquito breeding eyesore? Or maybe a little piece of homemade heaven in a very cruel, cruel summer?

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  1. Get a small little plastic pool for her right now. It's light enough that you can flip it and dump the water so not to attract mosquitos. You can keep it clean easily and she'll enjoy it. For $20.00.. she'll be in heaven. It's about making that little princess happy, not what others think. Oh...and just keep a little spray bottle of bleach water to spray it with after you dump out the water to keep away the slime. ~Nicky

  2. We just got a little pool, and I dump it out at night so bugs do not breed.

  3. I'm with anonymous! We had small blow up pool when the boys were little. I would sit with my feet in it and they would play. They loved it! If you fill it up about 30 minutes before she wants to play, the water won't be too cold either. And look at my latest post - my 6 year old was sitting in a bucket of water in the front yard - so what do I know about trashy?


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