Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bobble Heads


She looks at me, astonished by her sudden observation. "Momma!"

"Yeah, babe", I answer only slightly engaged as I reach under the couch to find her other shoe.

Her excitement is bubbling over now as she begins to speak too fast for the words to actually form coming out of her mouth. I giggle and slow her down, "What is it?"

"Momma, we both have GIANT heads! Isn't that great momma? We match! I bet it's because we are so smart and SOOOOO pretty"

I stifle my laugh and nod as the Hubs enters the room.

"Daddy, I am sorry, but you cannot be great like me and my momma - your head is too small. Did someone squish it when you were a baby?"

The laughter is pouring out of me now as I lay down on the floor. That child. That sweet, honest, strange child. She is all mine.

Big head and all.

Photo courtesy of JCZ Photography.
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  1. Go big headed women! I'll have to tell my daughter about this. She's always saying I have a big head!

  2. So cute! When my son was a baby, we used to say his head looked like a planet!! Now he grew into it!


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