Friday, May 6, 2011

The Difference of a Day

When I posted yesterday, my main worry in life was how I would find time to do clean my house, socialize and spend time with my girl.

And an hour later, one of my unknown fears identified itself.

My priorities have shifted. I am numb and still reeling from this news. I am searching to find God's plan in all of this. I am trying to figure out me in all of this.

And I am struggling against my desire to eat all of the brownies that I made last night.

I want to scream.

I want to yell.

I want to say all kinds of bad things about my company.

But that's not me.

Instead, I will persevere, I will pray, I will ask you all for prayers and I will probably cry some more.

I have a month (two, really) before the money runs out and we are living on the street. I have some time.

And today. Today it's a new dawn, a new day and I am gonna make a new life for me...

...and probably eat the last of the brownies (sorry, Momedy ladies, they were REALLY good).


  1. o Heather, hang in there, hang in there -- be steadfast, immovable; keep your thoughts, words and confessions positive -- God will meet all your needs and work it all out for good. The Lord says "Fear not, I will help you!" I will pray for you; keep your chin up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by :)
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  3. Praying for you, heather.

  4. It's not a good feeling - that whole rug swept out from under you kind of thing. In fact, it feels downright crappy. Of course I'm going to tell you that things happen for a reason and to trust God... but I know sometimes that doesn't seem to "help." Know that I'll be praying for you along with all your other friends and family. Don't let that devil get the best of you; he wants you to grab hold of that fear so you take your eyes off what matters most. Stay strong and stay positive. This will be a rough ride, but you'll make it. I KNOW you will!

  5. Oh Heather. I am sorry that you are stressed and afraid. We are in a similar boat. I truly believe that things will work out for you at just the right moment. I have to keep telling myself the same thing too. God will take care of you and me. If there comes a time that I can help you I certainly will. Let me know if you need anything....and let the house go one day and lets do something fun and free! :) Jessica

  6. Oh no. Sending prayers....


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