Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We have had some rough mornings around the ol' homestead as of late.

Which is to say that my not sleeping combined with Z's complete resistance to bedtime (her recent bedtime ritual involves 15 minutes of throwing herself on the floor and screaming, 15 minutes of storytime, prayers and snuggles and then another 90 minutes of pulling all of the sheets off of her bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, bargaining, crying, throwing herself on the floor some more, pulling all of the shoes and clothes out of the closet and hurling them out the door until collapsing in the middle of her bedroom floor), have led to extremely tough mornings of yelling, threats and time-outs.

Monday, as I was ignoring the tears, the yelling and even the punches to my lower back and attempting to ready myself for the work day, she yells out (in a Kate Gosselin on a hay ride kind of way) - "HELLLLLLOOOOO, I am talking behind your back here."

I turn, slightly amused and interested in this statement. "What?"

"I am back talking you right now."

I stifled my laughter into a smile and responded, "And is back talking a good thing or a bad thing?"

She looked back at me exasperated and let out a long dramatic sigh, "Fine, I will take myself to my room. I am sorry that I back talked you momma."

And that's some pretty funny stuff to me right there.
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  1. That is funny! I am comforted to know that I am not the only one struggling with a STRONG willed little kid! I know the feeling! I have been hit and scratched and screamed at by my sweet little angel all day, and she has been in time out half the day it seems like. I need a break!

  2. Hmmm I wonder where she gets it from LOL


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