Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I Want...

What I want for Mother's Day is simple.

It's easy as can be. 

I want my husband to lift things up when in search for a shoe or a brush. 

Watching him pace around, can really be too much.

I know that all he's trying to do is get me to find it.

But at 7:30 in the morning, it makes his approval ratings plummet.

I would love to have the girl know how to brush her hair

Instead of me having to chase her down in just her underwear

I would love to have the car cleaned out as there is a sippy cup in the backseat

That has gone rotten and the contents smell like feet.

I would like for the Hubs to put away the towels 

Instead of leaving the basket on the floor where I stub my toe and howl.

That's all I want for Mother's Day, I have set the standards low

and I hope through all of my complaining, each one of you will know...

That I love you


I cherish being a mom and wife to both of you.

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