Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, Friday

My child knows the words to the Rebecca Black hit "Friday". My 3 year old.

And that proves what a bad parent that I am.

The End.

My daughter won me a prize for having the funniest photo during a contest at the church's big mother day event.

Further proof.
She told her grandmother that I won because I had the most awesome daughter on the planet.

It's true.

Sometimes, I will take a week off from work and clean my entire house top to bottom while the Hubs is at work and Z is at school.

It's amazing when that happens.

A true miracle.

I take cell phone pictures and send them to the Scare Bear as proof.

And then I come home to this.
Why, oh why, is she cradling a wire coat hanger?
My mother-in-law gave me 2 cases of girl products after I had Z in 2007.

Not boxes, cases.

I just ran out. (To be fair, I didn't start back to needing them until 2009.)

Why does it cost SO much for them now? Have we suddenly had a shortage of cotton and thread? Is it because they have decided to add messages to the wrappers? Inspirational things like, "What's your game plan"?

Since I am about to not have a job anymore, I think I will take to sitting shiva for those 5-7 days each month, much like the women of the bible.

Pretty sure the Hubs is not gonna be down for that one.

That's all I've got for the day, I am pretty sure that my 3 year old singing that song has stolen every last one of my brain cells.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and to the guy that decided to google "daughter eating mom out" and wound up at this post: I am certain that your wife or mother is so very thankful for me today you disgusting pervert.


  1. Holy Cow! That is a pervert!
    That pic of dad and baby made me really laugh! :)


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