Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guilty Obsessions

You know that car wreck that you slowed down to stare at this morning? I have one of those in my life. I just can't stop watching even though my IQ drops (considerably) every time I think of it.

I am obsessed with teenage drama.

It all started with 90210 in my teens, Seventh Heaven in my twenties and now, I am glued to the Secret Life of the American Teenager, can't get enough of Friday Night Lights, Glee can only partially satisfy my appetite. I must watch teenagers being evil, gossipy, catty, jealous and stupid. It's like an addiction that no amount of Tiger's Blood or Adonis DNA can subdue. I long for it throughout the workweek when I just do not have enough time to watch. I ponder the problems of the characters and think about how they might be able to get themselves out of this situation, this time.

Grey's Anatomy edges this.close to being a teen drama (although, let's be honest the entire cast is getting very old and can no longer pass for some of the childish games that they play), I would really like to think that my doctor or nurse is more concerned with my care than about which closet that they are gonna make out in later. Especially if my doctor is, like, 50.

And that is what I love so much about the teenage drama. It feels so unreal. There is no chance that a debutante in a Ferrari is going to rear-end my car while snorting a line of cocaine to prove that she is not pregnant. There is no chance that every kid in a given high school is going to get pregnant the first time that they have sex (or kill their father, for that matter). These kids, these situations, have no affect on my reality.

If television is meant to be escapism for us, if it is supposed to give us a moment to not have to think about rent, bills, car repairs, light bills, etc.than I am all for it being just that. A place to escape.

I will curl up on my sofa after Z is tucked safely into bed and turn on one of these insipid shows. I gasp when I see a barely 15 year old (who is probably really 25) take a drink of a beer or light up a cigarette. I know by the guilty gleam in her eye or the slightly stressed accent to his strut that something big is coming: she is pregnant, he is abusing drugs, the mom is oblivious to everything (of course) as she swills away at her umpteenth glass of wine.

I drink it all in and love every scandalous minute of it, while I pray that I am not found out by the kid or the Hubs.

What is your guilty pleasure?


  1. I wish I had time to enjoy teen angst! I loved Party of Five and Dawson's Creek!

    I love watching things like Property Virgins and Income Properties and House Hunters! I usually watch them when hubs is watching football (read: soccer). :)

  2. LOL we are cut from the same cloth. We have two DVR's because I had to have my teen dramas. I would love to connect over these shows as well feel free to suggest ones you watch and follow. I will keep adding to my collection on my blog I think we may have a lot to talk about :)

  3. My guilty pleasure (and I don' share this often) is watching Jersey Shore!! I feel so much better about life after watching it ;-) lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog... following you back!!

    Jen- True Life: I'm a SAHM

  4. I do the same thing Heather. I am ashamed to say that I was a closet Hills fan!

    Jessica :)

  5. So fun :) I love renting different seasons from Blockbuster. I've heard Glee is awesome.

  6. Amen Sista! I'm so with you! Felicity, Dawsons Creek & Party of Five? You bet. I still swear Felicity and I would be BFFs in real life! Great post!
    Steph from

  7. I am in my 40's and I still love the shows that are geared around teens and their drama.
    Girl, I had on the original Degrassi WHILE I was getting ready to go out to the bar during my 20's. LOL
    AND I would watch the newer ones with my teen daughter.
    I LOVE reality shows,too.
    I stare at the car accident trying to figure it all out.
    I'm the woman who sits in her car at Wal-Mart while my girls go in and I people watch. The only thing I lack is a coke and popcorn.


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