Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Points Game

This morning started ordinarily enough.

I woke up (late again. How do I incorporate that sound into my dreams????). I went out to the porch to check the temperature and then went back into the house to awaken Z and the Hubs so that we could start the day.

But Z was missing from her bed. And the Hubs was missing from our bed. Then I heard the shower. Blast, I thought, I was going to shower this morning. I really need a shower today. I am really going to be stinking up the joint by the end of the day if I don't, at the very least, wash my hair. I controlled the urge to flush the toilet or start the dishwasher and instead thought of how I would let him know how angry I was, how many points he was rinsing down the drain.

I got Z's clothes. I made her yogurt smoothie breakfast shake. I grabbed all of the hair taming accoutrements that I would need. I waited on the bed, right outside the bathroom door. And there was my girl, all rosy-cheeked and smiley, hair sparkling with water, eyes glittering hazel and green specks. All of my anger fell under the bed.

I dressed her. I combed and styled her hair. I gave her her shake. I helped her put on her shoes. We discussed the letter of the week, the number of the month, who she is going to sit next to at lunch, who she is going to sleep next to for nap.

And then the craziest thing happened.

Hubs said that he would take her to school. Since he was working down that way today anyway. Since he knew that I needed to take a shower. Since he knows that I need some time alone.

And he did.

And I stood in the silence of my own home for the first time in a very long time. And I didn't know what to do first.

I cranked up the stereo, to my music, not Lori Berkner or the Safari Man or all Kids Hip Hop, but my music. I collected my clothes, my towel. I started the water in the shower and let it get as hot as I like it, because I didn't have to worry about preschool skin or "Momma, it's too hot." I shaved. (Yes, folks, the winter coat is now gone and suprisingly there is what seems to be a human under there, albeit a very pale human, I think I may be human after all..)

I got myself ready. Just me. I was able to eat breakfast and move at a normal pace. I did not have to scream or yell at anyone to "get in the damn car or you will be left". I did not have to snarl or snap. I was on time for work and have been in a relatively good mood all day.

And the Hubs has officially scored himself enough points for some heavy duty action. Well played, sir, well played.


  1. Love this and isn't it so true for all of us. We are of course still working on the points as Hubby is not as skilled in the game of having a 7 month old but I know we will get there. The points come from so many more places now too as new parents. Sadly we even use points with his parents, I tell him answer the damn phone so you get points and she will leave us alone for the weekend! :)

  2. Awesome!

    I love it when my Hubs does stuff like this! Totally out of the blue, when days it's not even Mothers Day, My birthday or Valentine's Day!

    Glad you could enjoy some "Me" time!


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