Saturday, April 30, 2011

How'd That Go?

My child is definitely mine.

No one switched babies with me at the hospital.

No, I have never doubted it.

Yes, she has my eyes, my nose, the same color hair, but her personality, the little things that crop up when you least expect them to, those prove as much about who a child belongs to as all of those genetic factors.

From day one, she has had the same sleeping pattern as her daddy, she always gets sleepy after a large meal just like him, she has been able to give me the same "Momma, you sure are crazy" arched eyebrow look that he gives me since she was six months old, the delight she takes in "farking" can only be rivaled by his attempts to trap me in a "Dutch oven".

But this week? This week she proved that there is a part of me in that personality as well, and I am overjoyed.

When I was a child, the lyrics to pop music never really made sense to me. To make them make sense, I would use words I knew instead of the actual words in the song. This was not a conscious decision, it's just what made sense to me. "Material Girl" was changed to "Cheerio girl" and my tiny self would swirl about the kitchen each morning clutching my box of Cheerios and belting,
"We're living in Cheerio world
A Cheer--i-o-oooo
I'm a Cheerio, I'm a Cheerio, I'm a Cheerio girl."

While I would hear my parents laughing in the next room, I have always tried to believe that people were not really laughing at me, although, I guess now I know the truth. 

So, this past week, I heard my tiny rock star singing in the next room and as I approached to hear what she was singing, I heard:
"Cutie pie, cutie pie
No one can read my story books
They are mine and not nobodys"
(To the tune of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face")

She repeated these lyrics ad nauseum throughout the day at school, at the grocery store, even taught some of her friends the words so that they could sing along (I am so, so sorry). 

And while my gut reaction was to laugh or correct, I held those urges back and let her continue. She will have enough time in this life to get things right or perfect - right now, she is just being my daughter.

And that's really all that she has to be. 

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  1. How cute! Glad I'm not the only who changes the words around! (curtis from a friend who.....actual translation: HEARD it from a friend. Always did baffle me about who Curtis was and what he had to do with the song!)
    Cheers to us for thinking outside the square ear!


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