Sunday, April 10, 2011

Show and Tell

I was struggling with a blog post that I am working on and since I am pretty sure that it will not be finished before the end of the night, I decided to go ahead and make a list of  randomness in response to this weekend's Blog Dare from Bloggy Moms. Here's the dare: Create a list of 10 or so things your readers may not know about you.

1. My husband was my first, errr, ummm, partner. I am extremely proud of this and am almost excited to have "the talk" with Z so that I can explain to her the importance of waiting and of finding the right guy.

2. I was a Karaoke DJ for 3 years. I did it so that I could be the designated driver for my friends (because being the only sober one in the group, I usually didn't want to close down the bar, but did want to make sure that they got home safely). I didn't love the long nights (or drunks) but I did love being the center of attention and when tips were good, they were so damn good.

3. My father did not meet my husband until the day after we got married. Even though we dated for 12 years before we got married. Even though we lived together for two years before we got married. Even though I lived with my dad for the other 10 years, and supported him financially and emotionally for all of it. I was afraid of the reaction that he would have if he found out that I was dating (or living with) a black man.

4. I can change brakes, tires, oil and filter, and, in a pinch, put in an alternator. I typically take my car to the shop though, because honestly, I don't want to emasculate the Hubs and I really hate getting dirt and grease under my nails. 

5. My accent changes depending on who I am talking to. It comes from moving around so much as a kid. 

6. I haven't had a drink since my wedding night. And that was just one. I haven't been drunk since my 21st birthday. I really don't like it.

7. If something sparkles and is purple or pink, I have pretty much always bought it. Now that I have a girl? She has taken possession of all of my stuff. And broken or destroyed most of it. I don't buy as much stuff anymore. 

8. In a similar vein? My first car was hot pink. It had a sparkly sticker in the back window that said "Diva". My husband drove that car everywhere.

9. I can find fear in almost every situation. I work really hard to quell them, but sometimes they are really hard to contain. (You probably already realized this.)

10. I love to knit, crochet, sew, anything crafty and am so very grateful that Z's finally at the age that she wants to do those things too. 


  1. I like this post it lets me get to know you! While some are very different LOL some are very similar to myself. But especially the accent thing I totally change when talking to people and my husband says when I get mad or tired the southern one comes out.

  2. New follower from bloggy moms. I was just reading this same dare and considering. Enjoyed yours.


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