Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Blog Hop

I love reading blogs. It's the reason that I started a blog in the first place, I was so inspired by the awesome women that I was reading about, living vicariously through and loving without ever meeting.

So, in honor of these awesome women, I would like for you to check out their blogs, hear their stories, and, if you are so inclined - add yourself to the hop list.
Here's how it works.

1st - Add this button to your page, it's very simple. Just paste the HTML into the "Add a Gadget" area in your design center.

Momma's Time Out

2nd - Add your blog to the list below. 

And that's it! If you want to hop along, copy and paste this post to your blog today so that other people can join in the fun!

PostEdit - Much love to Jessica.The Mom for mentioning the lack of the Hop code. Here it is, copy and paste it into your next blog, so that everyone can keep hopping along with you:

Blogger - <script src="" type="text/javascript">

(Remember that you need to copy and paste from the < to the >.)

I am not sure how to do it for Wordpress - I guess that will be my homework this week.


  1. Awesome button :) I'm going to add it.

  2. Thanks for hosting Thursday Blog Hop!


  3. Hi there! I've added your hop to a post in my blog! It might be helpful to add the linky code to your post, then the list can appear on anyone who re-posts the hop! Thanks for the hop!

  4. Ooh, let me figure out how to do that - thanks for the tip!

  5. Oh, can I join next week?

    Kind of sad I missed this week! I'm grabbing the code anyway...


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