Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone Likes Me!

When Jessica, The Mom notified me yesterday that I had won the Versatile Blogger Award, I was as giddy as a Seventh Grade girl that just found out that a boy liked me. I started this blog as a place to vent and get things off my chest, apparently, I have, at least, found a kindred spirit in the blogosphere. Thank you so much, Jessica! I really appreciate the award and am so excited to complete the tasks that go along with it. (BTW, Jessica has some awesome giveaways coming up, you should definitely follow her and like her Facebook page.)

Post-Edit: 3Princesses Engraving also awarded me this award - on the same day. I love all the love ladies! Check out her page to see her really cool gifts and toys for children!

Here are the rules:

Versatile Blogger Award Etiquette:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
Tell us seven things about yourself that your readers did not already know.
Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers.  (Don't forget to contact them!)

Seven Things About Myself:
  1. When I was in Kindergarten, I earnestly believed that I was a figment of someone else's dream. I was certain that if I was too loud, I would wake them up. Then, it occurred to me that I might be too boring, so I tried to find daring and dangerous things to do that would interest my dreamer. Conversely, I also felt that when I went to sleep, they woke up and carried on their life. 
  2. When I was very young, I witnessed my father wreck his motorcycle while driving drunk. The most amazing thing that I remember from that day is not the Harley-Davidson flying through the air or coming to land on my father, not the fact that I so easily assumed that he had died, not the image of my mother lifting a motorcycle off of his crumpled body or seeing her carry him across the field to the car. The most amazing thing to me at the time was seeing my mother get into the driver's seat and DRIVE A CAR! I had never seen her drive before and until then just assumed that girls didn't drive. 
  3. I thought my father had lost his arm in the accident because when I saw him the very next morning, he had his arm in a sling under his shirt. I went to school and reported to my class that my daddy could not give me the good hugs ever again, because he had cut his arm off. When I saw him without his shirt on several weeks later, I assumed that he had grown his arm back like an alien and refused to let him touch me with the "alien" arm for weeks afterwards.
  4. I can sometimes predict things that will happen. I predicted the day that my brother was born and let my mother know about an accident that was going to happen to my sister, just a few hours before it happened. I think it may come from the side of our family that was related to the Salem witches. 
  5. As a Christian, I am not sure that I should believe in premonitions and witches. It's hard to let the mysteries of life go sometimes. 
  6. If people try to tell me what to do or not do (especially if they are older than me), I tend to rebel. I am not sure why, most likely because I was not really given the option of rebelling as a teen.
  7. I consider socks disposable (
    and am planning a post on why in the next few days)

Here are the 12 bloggers that I have chosen to receive this award (I honestly can't think of any others), mostly because their blogs inspired me to start one of my own (or their encouragement kept me moving once I got started).
  1. Lindsay @ Fueled By Diet Coke - Her blog is about the adventures of being a new wife, Christ-follower and self-love warrior.
  2. Kathleen @ Smarten! - Love the easy flow of her words and the wonderful pictures of her little son. 
  3. Phoenix Rising @ Stumbling Towards Perfect - I wish that my sarcastic thoughts could be translated into writing the way that hers can - she is laugh out loud funny, quit witted and so what I want to be when I grow up.
  4. Elisa @ The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom - who apparently gets more hours in a given day than anyone that I know - she raises 4 kids, is married and manages to keep house, sew and find time to write books - real books that people want to read. So jealous of her ability to find those elusive hours!
  5. Tara @ That's A Wrap - Poor Tara had to abandon a pretty successful blog due to some privacy issues and is restarting with a new point of view on That's A Wrap. Her reviews of television shows and movies are very interesting and some of the discussions that she starts are really thought provoking. 
  6. Jessica @ Grounded Angel - just started this month but definitely hit the ground running with some hard hitting, personal experiences that are at the same time poignant and beautiful
  7. Katryn @ Who Needs a Medicine Ball? - Talks about her adventures with her husband and children.
  8. Mimi @ The Things We Do - has amazing energy for her two boys and their adventures
  9. Bikbik & Roro - features stunning pictures as well as amazing craft ideas.
  10. The Good, The Bad & The Family - offers an upfront, no holds barred view of mommyhood
  11. Cherie @ Journey through Mommyhood - gives a great first time perspective of the amazing pressures that we experience to be on top of it all.
  12. My dear friend Wendy actually started it all @ EMM and M - Her fabulous photos of her darling girls melts my heart every time.
Please, click on over, check out these other fabulous blogs and give deserving accolades to all of these lovely ladies!


    1. You amaze me! This post made me cry, gave me chills--your ability to write is astounding. You listed seven things about yourself and took me from laughter to tears. You are amazing and that's why I've listed you as my featured blog of the month.

    2. LOL! I'll let you know who it was! ME! Cheers!

    3. I love your combination of seriousness and silliness! Thanks for the shout out!
      Your childhood thoughts reminded me of when I was very little, and I heard my parents worrying about my father getting fired. I literally thought that they were going to burn my dad at the stake at work when they said "fired!" Horrifying! I love your blog. You inspired me to finally get started blogging. :)

    4. I love getting to know you. I hope you will travel my way and join me for a float in the pool soon!!! I will take the challenge of this award so I guess send me the code or however it works. And thanks for mentioning me! I was pretty scared to have to shut down the other blog but the opportunities that have come from the new one astound me! I only hope you keep getting a little of me and a little of the movies!

    5. my sister and I just love your blog! you seriously sound like such a great person and have amazing writing skills, you need to give us some tips on how to be as great as you ;) Congrats on your Award! YAY

    6. Thanks for the award! I must really deserve it because you're the 3rd person in 3 days to give this to me! LOL!

      I just haven't had the time to post about it yet!

      You deserve it! Congratulations!


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