Friday, November 16, 2012

The Thankful Month Project - Day 16

You have probably already read about my little November project, but just as a recap:
You probably know the deal by now, what with the title and all, but I am writing 3 things that I am grateful for each day for the month of November. I have several reasons for doing this, but to be honest, one of them is because of my intense jealousy of people posting about their blessings last year in November. I thought, "Oh, their lives are so great and everything is so perfect and whatever, whatever." I am determined to let go of that angry, jealous heart and mindset this year by remembering that I am indeed awesomely blessed in many, many ways.
My hope is to have a list of at least 90 things that I am thankful for by the end of this month to remind me of this on the bad and dark days. Depression is a terrible liar, but if I have tangible evidence of my blessings, I am less likely to allow it to ruin my day - or my family's. So there you have it. 3 things, 3 things is all I need to come up with for the day. Here we go:

1. I am thankful for big ideas that come from the smallest of things. I found this logo on the internet and have now built a birthday party theme around it that knocks my girl socks off. I feel like kind of an awesome mom right now (no worries about me getting a big head though, the girl will knock me down several pegs before we even make it home tonight, I am sure).

 2. I am thankful for the surrogate moms that I have in the world. If it weren't for the Scare Bear's mom, or my aunts, or any of the hundreds of awesome woman that I have assembled together in my crazy - I am certain that I would have lost my mind long ago. I love awesome women that love me and my kid as though we are theirs.

3. I am thankful for the newest addition to our menagerie - a new goldfish that we have named Ruby Red. Ruby is the quietest and most behaved individual in our household. She is also the best swimmer. There are days that I wish I could stay locked in the bathroom with Ruby. Today might be one of them.

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