Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Thankful Month Project - Day 4

You probably know the deal by now, what with the title and all, but I am writing 3 things that I am grateful for each day for the month of November. I have several reasons for doing this, but to be honest, one of them is because of my intense jealousy of people posting about their blessings last year in November. I thought, "Oh, their lives are so great and everything is so perfect and whatever, whatever." I am determined to let go of that angry, jealous heart and mindset this year by remembering that I am indeed awesomely blessed in many, many ways.

My hope is to have a list of at least 90 things that I am thankful for by the end of this month to remind me of this on the bad and dark days. Depression is a terrible liar, but if I have tangible evidence of my blessings, I am less likely to allow it to ruin my day - or my family's.

Enough rambling... on to today's awesomeness.

Here is my list of the 3 things that I am most thankful for on this fourth day of November:

1. White Chocolate, Oatmeal, and Cranberry cookies. I am not sure who invented these or why, but OMG,OMG, OMG, . Apparently, there are people in this world that want me to weigh a bagillion pounds. The girl and I made them for girl's night in tonight which makes them even more delicious. 

2. Watching a favorite movie for the eleven-teen-twentieth time tonight as part of girl's night in while snuggling on the couch. This is why God created Sunday night (although you might not want to make my word for it).

3. Random gold stars associated with my name. I'm kinda cool, ya'll/
What 3 things are you most thankful for today?

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