Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Thankful Month Project - Day 20

Still giving thanks, even though it is hard to find those things these days. I know that it is just this evil world plaguing me and I have much to be grateful for.

This week, it just feels hard, hard to focus on the great and the good, when I am mired down in the grey, dreary, cold and gross.

1. I am thankful that I have friends that I can vent to. Friends that might not take my griping and bitching too seriously because they know that I just need to let things out. I am also thankful that those same friends can come to me whenever they need to.

2. I am thankful that for as many times as I wanted to just hurl my friggin' computer through the top floor window, I remained (outwardly) calm and kept my job. Even though I REALLY REALLY need to throw something from the top floor window.

3. I am thankful for dinner and conversation with awesome friends after a miserable day. I am also truly thankful that it finally rained tonight. I really hope that they gray skies are gone in the morning.

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